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vegalocity replied to your post “fic The Tale of Two Time-Traveling Hobbits by Liliume could use art if know any artists”

I’ve heard this is the same guy that tries to hassle fic writers for stuff, so yeah, not for a big bang

…. That’s not a good thing to do. 

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fic The Tale of Two Time-Traveling Hobbits by Liliume could use art if know any artists


I don’t really wanna hassle any artists…unless this is for a big bang or something you should go to that?

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Professor - To all the student. If you see a man in a cape, do not be afraid. He’s just overly emotional. Also tell him to remove said cape because it tracks mud onto the carpets.

Your drawings are so good, im seriously howling with laughter here ! Was already having a good day but u made it even better :D

<333 I am glad you are having a great day and I made it better :D

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Hi, will you recommend me a alpha/omega cherik fic please? After 'dancing in the rain' i cant find another :(


Uh hi, anon. 
I hope I don’t offend anyone but I am not personally into the alpha/omega stuff that is in fanfiction.

So I wouldn’t really know what to recommend. I’m really sorry anon.

Edit - A helpful follower <3 *-  ”they should look no further than White Nights by Tahariels and Spicedpiano.”

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Honestly. I am not ready for the Third Movie. This is why I make these.

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My film is online! Everyone who worked on it is so cute and beautiful and I love them <3

my friend who is amazing who works in a studio did this. It’s awesome. Go watch it.

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Click for alternate ending   

Charles, you’re crushing my face.



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commissions are closed. for a while.

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ok these are the nsfw bagginshield/thilbo pictures that are only gonna stay for like …. a week then say goodbye,

through these links 

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Commission for midorikopanda
Modern Thorin busy glaring at Smaug or Thranduil the firm next door.

Or glaring at the cute new employee. 

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Prices as shown
I would like to mention the 20 dollar for texture is for one character. To add another one is 15 bucks.

please contact me before you start to do anything

Things I won’t/can’t do

Gore (like hardcore)
Furry (sex)
Sex (not because I don’t want to but really bad at it)

paypal - account 
I messed up by using donations.
PM for e-mail address