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Dammit Becka if you keep this up with the BoFA posts I might actually cry

Oh man you ain’t gonna like the animation I am making for this.
Or the Bilbo with Empty Chairs and Empty Tables. 

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I also realized Pippin was singing that to Denethor at the time where he was going mad. Bilbo is watching Thorin going mad.

As well both of them watch as they sent their heirs off to die.

>starts sending personal apologies to followers.

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Bilbo wrote that song. I would image in the new headcanon that he wrote it when he was in the BOFA. Thanks Anon.

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Your art gives me life

don’t die.

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I kinda feel bad I send Ikera like funny scenarios while you get my "hey notice how Darrin from Sailor and Erik wear the same things. Imagine if Erik broke up with Charles the same way in S2 where Charles goes to cry in a phone booth"



both you and ikeracity are the reason why I can’t have nice things

so that Charles crying in a phone booth.
Image that but with charles. 
in a phone booth 

I could make a Charles gif of the same thing just 4 u


In the paperboy!Erik tries to save up as much as he can to get Charles a gift to make up with him for the last time. But he never ends up getting it because he thinks it's too cheap. One day he saves enough up only to have the gift taken away by a corrupt cop named Striker who thinks Erik is stole that item. Not only does Erik get beaten up but gift taken away as well. Charles tends to Erik's injuries to tell him that he didn't need a gift to be friends.





I’m just imaging Charles sitting an angry and embarrassed Erik down and gently cleaning him up and putting plasters where needed and just babbling away about anything and everything that comes to mind - his studies, all about his sister Raven, the local baseball team that neither of them really care about, the weather - in order to ease the tension and slowly, slowly Erik unclenches and relaxes and lets himself have this because this is what he wanted, after all; just Charles, talking to him and being his friend.

and then Charles smiles and adds, “And if you wanted to take me to dinner one time, that would be okay too.”

(Erik might’ve just died and gone to heaven)

Now Erik is fretting that he needs to take Charles to an expensive restaurant. He can’t afford a nice suit or a good place. So he again works his ass off and borrows one of his friends suits.
Dinner night is the worst.
Suit doesn’t fit, it’s raining (no umberally) and he’s running late. Because of the his suit being wet, he’s not being let into the restaurant. 

Charles is inside waiting for the last thirty minutes. Erik is thinking Charles is thinking that he is being stood up.

Charles is just concerned where Erik is.


he finally manages to get Charles’ attention through the window, so Charles immediately settles his small bill (he might’ve ordered a glass of wine to take the edge off his nerves while his wait got longer and longer) and hops up and goes outside. fortunately he’s paid attention to the weather (he was only babbling about it just the other day) and brought and umbrella, so they huddle underneath it together while Erik explains in a rush all what happened while throwing in apologies after every breath.

Charles can’t assure him enough that it’s okay, it’s fine, I was just worried that you might have been in an accident or something, my friend, and then they ticker off into not an uncomfortable silence while the rain patters down on the umbrella overhead, but a silence that still has Erik mentally grasping to say something, say anything, don’t let him just walk away—

and Charles says, “Well, there’s a very nice ice cream parlor down the street. Let’s say we skip dinner and have dessert?”


Erik is lactose intolerant but doesn’t want to upset Charles. So he when he is about to get kissed he runs into the bathroom or has constant stomach pains so it seems like he’s upset with Charles over this. Charles feels like Erik is forcing himself to enjoy while is trying to look “happy”. Erik hopes that his pain face is normal. 


Erik drops his change down the grater and Charles used what he had on the dinner. Because Erik insisted to pay. 


Erik accidentally knocks (one or both) ice cream on the ground. And they can’t get another because Erik dropped his change in the grater. OR THAT THEY HAD TO BUY A SMALL DINKY CONE BUT ERIK DROPPED IT.

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>realizes this is the last year for the hobbit at comic con.
>crying noises.
>i wanna be there.

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Professor - To all the student. If you see a man in a cape, do not be afraid. He’s just overly emotional. Also tell him to remove said cape because it tracks mud onto the carpets.

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Your drawings are so good, im seriously howling with laughter here ! Was already having a good day but u made it even better :D

<333 I am glad you are having a great day and I made it better :D

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Honestly. I am not ready for the Third Movie. This is why I make these.

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My film is online! Everyone who worked on it is so cute and beautiful and I love them <3

my friend who is amazing who works in a studio did this. It’s awesome. Go watch it.

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Click for alternate ending   

Charles, you’re crushing my face.