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I just got ooooorrrriiiiiiiiii following me along with the


I swear I am unconsciously collecting the tolkien cast.

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Oh, sorry, I really didn't mean to sound ... um ... rude, or to convince you to go see it (I'm not even into this fandom), it's just that I've known someone who has been falsely accused of something like that due to his background, so I'm always a bit skeptical. Terribly sorry if I annoyed you, it really wasn't my intention ... Sorry again and have a good day ! :)


Well no. It’s not rude because it’s valid. Especially for things like this everyone has an input. However given the circumstances that this isn’t his first time not to mention he’s kinda known for this….. (i don’t know why people in hollywood don’t say anything but know about his parties)

You didn’t bother me that much, I am just or less concerned for the actual victims and just putting it out there for my followers.

As well innocent until proven guilty is mostly for the law and court. Until then we do have a right to make a judge based on his past experiences of being sued for the same thing/similar things.


And it’s not like you came out in an ass hat way to go

Again. Don’t feel bad for going. Don’t make others feel bad for going or not going. It is only I who is not going to. Do not take this as telling you not to go.

It is their money and their choice.

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I understand but I would just like to point out that it's been "confirmed" that he has been accused, not that he was guilty. He could be completely innocent for all we know. Especially with that kind of thing.


Again, anon. This isn’t the first time it’s happened (1999 and a documentary about it as well) 

So anon you can go see it and people who follow me can go. I just I am not comfortable with watching that movie knowing that this isn’t a first case incident and he’s been known for it…. 


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Shouldn’t you wait for a trial or something proving he is guilty? Thought it was innocent until proven guilty not

I am going to say something. This film will do fine without my funding. 
Not to mention this isn’t a life of Pi situation where the studio was not planning to pay for the work. As someone who knows 2 people worked on it.

not to mention the actors/actresses are going to be completely fine.
So as a person who has the money to watch this. I don’t have to. 

And no I am not condemning anyone who watches the film. 
Don’t do that either. Don’t condemn the people work on it.
But I am sorry I rather not know that my money goes towards him.

And it has been confirmed now.

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just found out bryan singer molested and sexually abused kids….
well….not going to watch the movie in the theaters now…

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Frodo was given a cookie for being dragged across the Shire

He tries. he tries all the time.

Little Frodo Baggins had quite made up his mind.

If his Hobbit-y Uncle Bilbo looked after Frodo and was quite happy in doing so, then Frodo needed to look after his Dwarrow Uncle Thorin.  Frodo made sure his Uncle Thorin ate all his greens and silently pointed at the creamed broccoli even after Uncle Thorin announced that he’d end up turning into a Wood-Elf and Mahal help them, what sort of useless Dwarf he’d be if that happened? 

Frodo solemnly told his Uncle Thorin that he would never turn into an Elf.

Of course, Uncle Bilbo muttered that it was far likelier that Uncle Thorin would turn into a proper dwobbit instead and yelped when Uncle Thorin caught him up and delivered the Terrible Death by Tickling as a result. 

Uncle Thorin was not too fond of Elves.  Even though he knew quite a few more Elvish stories than Uncle Bilbo did and even spoke an Elvish language that gave Uncle Bilbo quite a bit of trouble. 

(Once upon a time, when Uncle Thorin was a wee badger, he actually liked Elves, so he studied all he could about them, because he hoped he could find a way so that Dwarves and Elves could be friends again.  But that was until Mean Old King Thranduil showed his real colors.  Uncle Thorin swore Frodo to secrecy on this.  It was important to keep one’s promises, after all.)

Now while Uncle Thorin did an excellent job of chasing away the Monsters Under the Bed, was willing to be Frodo’s partner in his Quest to slay dragons (the dragon was the stuffed toy Smaug Uncle Bofur sent for Frodo’s birthday) and fight trolls (the Trolls were carved by Uncle Bifur and were quite splendid), made him sturdy wooden weapons and taught him how to shoot a bow, there were still some things that Frodo’s mighty and heroic Dwarrow Uncle could not do. 

Frodo discovered that his Uncle Thorin got lost easily.  Sometimes he got lost in the Shire and Uncle Bilbo would fret because he’d miss supper and Frodo was afraid that Uncle Thorin had fallen into the River and the River was a Bad Thing, because it took away Frodo’s Ma and Da and he was very sad for a long time because of that.  Sometimes Uncle Thorin would get lost in his own mind and Uncle Bilbo would worry because “my dear Frodo, your Uncle Thorin has led a very hard life and there are hard memories to go with it and they make him sad, sometimes.” 

Frodo resolved that he would make sure his Dwarrow Uncle didn’t get lost in the Shire and didn’t get lost in his own head, because he was, just like Cousins Fili and Kili, a very good and very proper nephew and what kind of nephew would he be if he didn’t take care of his Uncles? 

And so it was that little Frodo Baggins made sure that Uncle Thorin would always find his way home.

wooot pppl are making fics~

Don't listen to that anon anyway. People produce fanworks with scenarios that never happened in canon all the time, it doesn't make you ignorant or wrong.


Wow kind anons~

Thank you!

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I am now starting to ship Bagginshield due to your adorable art...0-0 what have I let myself in for...

You don’t have to ship it!
You can even see this as a visiting Thorin as an Uncle in law.

I am not going to force anything on my followers~

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Heya! I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE everything about your blog and your art in general. You have, like, exactly my sense of humor and we like pretty much the same things (xmen, hobbits, stupid and attractive men). I especially love how you draw Thorin. You are extremely adept at capturing a character AND the actor that plays them. Also it never fails, EVERY time you draw Thorin with a stink-face I audibly guffaw. (PS Your Eric and Charles are pretty much perfection)

well this was a lovely sight and a nice read after being told that I didn’t read the Hobbit.

Thank you love. 

I just feel bad for the Cherik followers that I haven’t done anything but currently I am working on Erik waking in a cold sweat due to Logan.

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I let a lot of things slide…. like anon hate but….

saying I did not read many of Tolkien works from Similarion, Letters from Apex, The Trilogy, and The Hobbit….

is your death bed.

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oh this artist must not have read the books lulz



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Just the two of them.
Also I just always feel like the lineart is better…

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Frodo was given a cookie for being dragged across the Shire

He tries. he tries all the time.

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James McAvoy was the UPS delivery guy in the Muppets movie.
I want an AU where Charles is a delivery boy for a part time job towards his masters. But he is lousy at directions and addresses so he gets them wrong most of the time so he uses his telepathy only slightly to feel the receiver’s honesty.

Either Erik who is for Fedex purposely takes routes that are similar to Charles…. By delivering them to his own house so that he can bump into him.

Or Erik is the one writing the wrong address on purpose of his neighbors but it’s all his deliveries.

.__. one day.

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